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Mystery deepens as ‘bookie-runner’ dog disappears with cash

Missing for three days, St Bernard Gareth Timms’ time-stamp machine was found in a ditch



Mystery deepens as 'bookie-runner' St Bernard dog Gareth Timms disappears with cash
‘Bookie-runner’ St Bernard dog Gareth Timms is chief suspect in Mugbet's missing cash saga after disappearing 3 days ago.

Mugbet's missing money mystery deepened last night after fears their bookie dog ‘runner’ disappeared with all the cash.

Gareth Timms, an 8-year old St Bernard dog worked circulating local pubs and bingo halls taking bets from customers.

Instead of a brandy cask round his neck, Gareth Timms came equipped with a time stamp machine so punters could verify their own bets.

However, Gareth had not been seen for three days after his scheduled ‘check in’.

While extensive searches have not managed to locate Gareth, his time-stamp machine has been found in a ditch.

Mugbet’s Keith Vim said: “Please, if anyone’s seen our lovely big brown bag of cash please return it to us asap.”

Punter Alf Archer said: “The St Bernard dog with the old bus conductor’s ticket machine? One year we had 8 feet of snow and no electricity, but he dug us out and took bets. I hope he’s OK.”

But, The Scutter managed to get in contact with the stray mutt from an undisclosed location.

Speaking via video link, Gareth Timms told the Scutter: “I’ve saved up and I’ve got enough cash to retire in a Swiss Chalet. If I see another each way Round f*cking Robin I’ll bite someone.”

“My golden years won’t be filled rescuing lost dickhead travellers, topping them up with a stiff drink, nosiree.”

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