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‘Betting shop closures a disaster’ says bookmaker who just bought new kitchen



Revenue loss couldn’t come at worse time says betting chief whose home improvements cost an absolute bomb.

Mugbet’s Chief Executive, Keith Vim has blasted moves to close nearly 200 betting shops in Lancashire, just as he bought a new kitchen from IKEA.

Resisting pressure from Mrs Vim for years, Keith eventually splashed out £15,550 on a fitted kitchen right before his income was brutally curtailed by the new three-tier lockdown.

Vim said: “What a sh*t show: how am I supposed to pay for the kitchen island, the fan assisted oven or the cupboards with the soft shut now?

“This happens just when we’ve got all the second favourites to finish last and when our paid jockeys are pulling up the fancied runners. The Vim kids will have no Christmas presents; Boris Johnson's to blame.”

Although Vim said he recognised the huge pressure the government faced he was shocked betting shops had closed as he claimed the evidence showed the virus's reproduction rate could be slowed by beaten favourites.

“If punters are winning, they’re moving around and shouting more, so it stands to reason that beaten favourites curtails the R-rate,” said Vim.

Horse racing chiefs who receive £200 million per year from beaten favourites have also slammed the decision.

An inside source told The Scutter: “Lancashire, Liverpool and Greater Manchester generate £32.1 million for British racing through the betting levy and the media rights payments. How are we supposed to get new kitchens now?


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