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Apprentice jockey dreams of first winner at 58



Apprentice jockey dreams of first winner at 58
Jockey optimistic of first win since apprenticeship started in 1987.

Budding apprentice, Gareth Timms, is optimistic he will ride a winner one day, despite being the oldest jockey in the weighing room at 58.

Timms said: “I know I’m due a win. Piggot, Fallon, Cordero have all come and gone, but I’m still here. Who’s laughing now?

“Most of the jockeys I learned from are either all dead or in a museum.

"My careers adviser told me the world was my oyster - admittedly that was when Scott and Charlene got married. She’s dead now - the career’s adviser, not Charlene.”

Trainer Alf Archer said: “Gareth’s been learning to ride for five decades and still has a paper round to supplement his income.

"He was originally apprenticed to my grandfather who rescued him from a life as a chimney sweep. We haven’t got the heart to tell him to quit.”

Punter Maxwell Benson said: “I know how Gareth feels.

"It seems like 50 years since I backed a winner.”

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