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Aftertiming b*stard backs 76 winners



Aftertimer backs 76 winners

Aftertiming TV emailer under the impression we care about his super human rampage winning spree.

Gareth Timms frequently emails a racing television program about his super human winning rampages where he backs at least 76 winners per night.

TV host Maxwell Benson said: “Gareth hasn’t had a loser in 12 years of emailing the show.

“His favorite phrase is ‘like printing money’ but I’m yet to get on one of the magnificent 50/1 winners he says he tips.

“He’s so busy being successful he always forgets to tell us his selections before the races start.

Timms, 34, said: “People have been jealous of my success since I backed Leicester to win the league and predicted the Dot Com Boom.

“While tonight was impressive winning 10 Super Heinzs, a Canadian and a forecast double, I was just messing about - it’s nothing compared to my ante-post Cheltenham portfolio.

“I wonder if the government will be interested in my thoughts on isolating the population and grounding air travel to solve the coronavirus pandemic?”

Carer, Shelley Craps said: “Get off that computer Gareth!

"Time for bed.”

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