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Racing fans baffled over adverts NOT showing payday loans or funerals



horse racing adverts payday loans PPI funerals

Adverts NOT showing PPI, payday loans or funerals have caused meltdown among stay-at-home gamblers

Gareth Timms’ blew a fuse over wholesome racing channel adverts that didn’t exhibit any PPI claims, payday loans or funerals when he watched the first from Fontwell.

”What the f*cks going on? I love that Gladstone Brookes jingle – it’s my fave. And where’s the Claims Guys, and Carol Vorderman telling me to unlock my home equity so I can punt it all away down Ladbrokes? My afternoon’s wrecked!”

Stay-at-home gambler Alf Archer said: “Old man on a bicycle picking up a teddy bear for his grandson? Squirrel in the woods gathering nuts for his family? What’s the world coming to? What kind of sh*t is this?”

“Where’s wonga man blowing all his cash on Trap 6? Or the old geezer re-mortgaging his home to play roulette? My Jobseekers money is paying for all this sh*t!”

Tarquin Bibby, Head of Advertising and Marketing said: “We’ve always treated racing channel subscribers as a despised minority – cash-strapped pensioners with one foot in the grave whose heaters blew up on a weekly basis.”

“It’s time to give them some respect: no more ambulance chasing solicitors, shady car dealerships or nutty bingo apps.”

“Our next move is to get the live afternoon racing switched off so viewers can spend time with their families and do more face-to-face social interaction, or play board games.”

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