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Horse Racing Satire

The Scutter is a satirical news magazine for horse racing and betting.

Everything on The Scutter website is satirical – complete and utter twaddle about racing and betting that should not be taken seriously.

18+ Only

Some of our stories will have the occasional, mild swear word, so you must be over 18 to enter.

If you are of a nervous disposition, have a responsible adult review the content first.

If you are still offended then sling your hook and don’t come back.

Our Scutters

A fabulous team of writers with intimate knowledge of the sport, our correspondents make The Scutter the 'Go-To' magazine for unique insight.

RBaxter - Copy

Senior Editor:  Ralph Baxter

editor (at) the scutter (dot) com

SJohnson - Copy

Chief Correspondent: Sherbie Johnson

sherbie (at) the scutter (dot) com

TTitt - Copy

Betting Editor: Tony Titt

titt (at) the scutter (dot) com

DPhelps - Copy

Senior Reporter: Desdemona Phelps

desdemona (at) the scutter (dot) com

LCollins - Copy

Racing Editor: Leonard Collins

leonard (at) the scutter (dot) com

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