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9-year-old bookmaker makes fortune rigging Sports Day



9-year-old bookmaker makes fortune rigging Sports Day
Kid bookie minted after taking bets on primary school Olympics he fixed with pals  

Sports Day at St Winifred’s Roman Catholic School, Gravesend, finished with out-of-pocket parents rioting.

Angry dads threw chairs and smashed drinks stands after young bookmaker Lucas Benson fixed every event at the kindergarten athletics and took thousands in guaranteed losing bets.

With 25 competitive heats won by complete outsiders, or obese kids who had never shown any form, parents smelled a rat.

Taking the wrong courses, suspiciously missing the start and running 20 lengths wide, Luke's friends ensured all the favorites he took money on finished last or not at all.


But, teachers, governors and other authorities had an arrangement with the bookmaking kid, promising to look the other way if he paid them 11% of his profits.

Angry parent Darren Smith said: “I've done my absolute conkers backing the 5/4 favorite for the 100 metres.

"The young lad who has the best times, and won all his qualifying races by dozens of lengths is held up today and finishes last – I want my money back.”


Having run the tuck shop aged just 4, young Lucas progressed to supplementing his pocket money by laying bets on playground activities such as Capture the Flag, Shadow Tag and Hopscotch.

9-year-old bookmaker makes fortune rigging Sports Day

Luke Benson, 9, makes £2,000 every day then celebrates with Nesquik

At age 8, betting prodigy ‘Luke’ who has not yet finished Key Stage 2, mastered overrounds and paid his teachers to give him the answers to tests.

Luke said: “After laying small bets to idiots, my daily profit is typically £2,000. I count it before going to bed at 7:30 pm and then celebrate with a Nesquik.

School friend, Patrick Thompson, who started 8/11 fav for the 400 metres before being instructed to run backwards off the field said:

“Luke wrote a piece for me on his betting blog saying I had a great chance and that I couldn't be beat.

"As if I said any of those things: I can't write!

“Like anyone will fool for that one, I told him. But he said it’s OK because he’s paid the headmaster ten grand to let us do as we please.

Headmaster Gareth Timms said: “Wearing Luke’s betting logos is a small price to pay to watch my bank balance grow.

“I can’t wait for the Christmas Fayre!

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